Links to apocalype-type research / articles:

Canadian Press Article: “Researchers pinpoint date, rate of Earth’s most extreme extinction” by Bill Graveland

Edmonton Journal Article: “Long-ago greenhouse ‘event’ devastated Earth” by Margaret Munro

Wikipedia Article: “Extinction Event”

Links for apocalyptic thoughts:

Interview with David Dark about Everyday Apocalypse

Apocalypse 2012 – a look at why the world probably won’t end in 2012

It’s Always the End of the World as We Know It – a retrospective looking to Y2K as an example of our society searching for the apocalypse, and failing to find it

A Brief History of the Apocalypse – an interesting timeline of apocalyptic predictions from the past and for the future

National Geographic – a link to an article called “Six End-of-the-World Myths Debunked” which is a brief look at the six myths (to give you some ideas) and includes some interesting links to further information.

NASA – direct link to an article about 2012 and why the world won’t end from an astrophysics / planetary viewpoint; also includes interesting links to other articles.

2012 Phenomenon – Wiki article that includes interesting info (and links) to other apocalyptic theories and predictions

The Draw of Doomsday: Why People Look Forward to the End – Yahoo article. I like this article since it looks at why people might be attracted to the idea of doomsday, the division of what kind of “end” it could be, and the reaction to such eschatology in survivalist and preparedness amongst even non-crazy people.

End Times Math: The Equation That Predicts May 21 Judgment Day – another Yahoo article, this one explaining why May 21, 2011 is supposed to be Doomsday. I especially like the links attached to the article to lead you to other thoughts on doomsday(s), predictions, etc.

Profiling the Judgment Day Predictors – a tiny little article, I like the brief notation here explaining how socioeconomic factors can influence how one might believe (or not) in the end of the world.

Doomsdays Past & Present (Infographic) – not too much of an article, but a brief snippet of some of the leading doomsday beliefs, a bit of a timeline, etc. What I liked was the list of doomsday related films (research purposes, of course). 🙂

Apocalypse How? – an article discussing how scholars dismiss the May 21 prophecy, and why.

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