Writing, Rewrites, and the “In-between”

April2013 018If you’ve been reading this blog for any time, you probably know that I value productivity and moving forward. I like to know where I stand, have a clear direction and purpose.

I don’t like “in-between.”

It’s like living in limbo, not knowing where you belong, where you’re headed, which way is up. It frustrated me while building our home, as my husband, cats, and I lived out of boxes in my parents place in the month before we could move into and establish our new home. And it’s caught me again, as I find myself vacillating between different books, different stories, not knowing which way I should turn my focus.

It’s easy when you’re writing. You have a clear direction, a drive forward to that wondrous “the end” moment. Then there are rewrites, and goodness knows, those can feel endless. And then there’s the point when you’re not sure if you’re done with rewrites, but you aren’t quite ready to start something new. Do you go back and do one more draft? One more rewrite? Or do you put that piece aside and forge new trails?

I’m a forge new trails gal. I don’t want to go back where I’ve been. But no book was perfect in the first draft. Or perhaps even the second, third … or sixth. Some books take more, are stubborn about revealing their true essence and potential.

So how do we know which book it is we’re writing? When is it “done”? When, for some books, is it time to put it aside and call it dead? Or revive the darned thing?

What do you think?

When is a story “done”? Who defines that? How can you tell?

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