Learning and Growing, Even When it Hurts

firstsnow Oct1012My best friend reminded me that often when we’re uncomfortable with something, when something scares us, it probably means that’s what we need to work on. She’s pretty smart, so I’m sure she’s right.

And, I also know that sometimes growing comes with growing pains. Just like when you were an adolescent, sometimes you hurt as you grow that to the next stage, as everything changes and you become something of a stranger to yourself. As it is in writing.

I’ve been trying to grow, really I have. It means I’ve been branching out and doing stuff like trying to understand social media and the like – you know, trying to enter the 21st century and all that. And I’m pretty proud of myself, actually, for actually wading in rather than just dangling a toe. Especially when a lot of it deals with technology (which I distrust innately – does this make me old?) and marketing (which seems too self-trumpeting for my taste). This past week I’ve:

  • set up a business profile for my author page on Facebook,
  • learned that you need more than that to do anything, so actually caved and set up a personal profile on Facebook,
  • learned more about Twitter and at least doubled my following,
  • reached out to more people via Twitter and blogs,
  • learned more about e-books and indie publishing,
  • learned how to download and read e-books on my desktop (which necessitated downloading the right program, too).

And now? Now I have to do something really scary. I have to decide if an earlier book is something I love enough to take only the characters and the premise … and throw all the rest away, to start an all new book, and completely re-think my intentions for the accompanying series – which also kind of cuts off the other two books already written.

Certainly, I knew that the book needed rewrites – especially with the changes I’ve made to the 3rd book. And I realized last night that if I want it to be something real, if I truly want to tell MY story and give these characters their due, it might mean scrapping it all (yes, years of work, literally), and giving it another go.

Brave or stupid? Something in between? Let me know what you think. Have you done something similar?

Thanks for reading – wish me luck – and happy writing to you. šŸ™‚


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