Technology, My Nemesis

I may have been born in the ’80s, but sometimes it feels like it ought to have been the 1780s, because so many of these “newfangled” tech bits drive me mad.

Yes, I realize at this point you do wonder if I’m a) lying about being born in the ’80s, or b) it was actually the 1880s.

To both, I assure you that I am not, in fact, older than my grandmother. And indeed, there is a lot of technology I appreciate and use – like the laptop I type this on. And electricity. Indoor plumbing. No, I do not still use a VCR, and there are no flashing “12:00” on any of my appliances or electronics.

But yes, up until last Monday, I was one of “those” people: I did not have a Facebook page, and I am not attached to my cell phone. (In fact, someone annoyed that I don’t actually know my cell’s number had to show me where the “business card” was so I could look it up to give to them.)

Alas, there is so little that can be done in this modern world without caving to some amount of technology. Like social media, say (where again, I had to look up the number for my cell phone – what happened to good old land lines?).

I have, though, also read some really great posts about technology (check out Kristin Lamb’s post) , and how rather than tearing us apart, perhaps we should use it to really, you know, socialize. So I’m trying (albeit reluctantly).

And, you know, if the whole apocalypse comes and I no longer have to try and wrap my head around widgets and do-a-mathingies, well, stuff happens, right? 😉

Thanks for reading. Have a great week.


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