Hope and Spring – where are you?

April to June 2012 069I live where winter is about two-thirds of the year, so you’d think I’d be used to it by now. And that white crap that comes out of the sky and buries everything – along with hope.

Sadly, not the case. I’m considering moving somewhere there is no snow. Where it’s always warm and pleasant – or at least no “spring” snowstorms that dump almost a foot and a half on our heads … and then less than a week later? Almost the same thing.

The problem, you see, with late winter is that it’s a test of our strength, and our will to survive. It’s Mother Nature’s way of weeding out the weak, the poor sots who really can’t stand one more snowstorm, one more freaking snowflake. You keep persevering on the dark days, on the days where snow makes the roads look like a mysterious white cave you’re driving through. You keep the dream and memory of spring alive only in your mind’s eye and in the pictures from last year, because that’s all there is.

And you hope like hell that the snow starts to melt soon.

Come on tulips! Come on primroses! It’s time for spring, now!

Thanks for reading. Have a great week, and keep the hope for spring alive. 🙂


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