Apocalyptic Creative Renaissance? Perhaps not so strange …

This post owes it’s origins to an article I stumbled upon thanks to another blogger I follow, Susan Kiernan-Lewis, and the original blog she referenced, an article titled “How Boredom Promulgates Creativity.”


Not exactly Renaissance art. This is a vase I made and painted as a Christmas gift.

Please, do go and read the article (I’ll wait, no rush.) Hmm, lalala … just singing while I wait … Okay, done?

Anyway, as I was thinking about boredom “promulgating” creativity, two things occurred to me. First: that my creativity has probably been stifled somewhat by parenthood, since I don’t have time to be bored. And second: that given the new world the apocalypse could give rise to, it could lay the foundations for a new renaissance of creativity.

Let’s focus on the second idea (parenthood demanding so much time is just reality).

Okay, so say you’ve survived the apocalypse (like me), and you’ve established how to supply yourself with the basics (food, water, shelter, safety). Before you know it, you and your neighbors will be twiddling your thumbs wondering, “Now what?”

Get creative, that’s what. Because let’s face it: you’ve probably already had to be pretty creative to come up with new ways to survive in a completely different world, because it’s likely some aspect of what we currently consider the conveniences of life are missing. Maybe you needed a new home. Did you follow traditional methods passed on from your grandfather for building a log cabin? Or did you try something else? Like adapting your RV or car as your new shelter and home?

And now that you have time on your hands, just as our ancestors did, what will you do? How will you start to (re)build civilization? What must be remembered? The world that was? Or aspects of how this new world came into being? How will you record it? What will you tell? Will you, like our ancient ancestors, paint pictures on cave walls? Will you tell stories? Sculpt?

If boredom truly is a source of creativity, post-apocalypse, there won’t be the same distractions to keep you from experiencing real life, like your smart phone, tablets, etc. (Yes, fine, there might be a few pesky zombies or alien-robots, but I mean, there’s spare time between fighting for survival, right?).

Anyway, what if the end of our world could give rise to essentially a new renaissance of ideas and creativity, leading the way for a whole new world?

What do you think?

Thanks for reading. Have a great week.


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