Just crazy, or well-prepared for a tech-free future?

As I rush through getting things done for the future, I appreciate that I’m someone who’s more than a little old-fashioned. I like to make most of my gifts for Christmas, even though I have 22 people on my gift list. Which makes me think: does this just make me a slightly crazy person (especially because I never seem to leave myself enough time), or does it mean I could be more readily able to accept a tech-free future?

Well, I confess that technology does play a bit of a part in some of my gifts. After all, I often scour the internet for images of things I want to make, or ideas. And I suppose my sewing machine is a piece of technology, though I haven’t got one of those fancy ones (it has no computer itself; just basic stitches).

I suppose some of my other crafts, and indeed, crafting in general does make me a bit old-fashioned. Personally, I like to learn things that not many people know how to do, and are a bit of a lost art, like hand-spinning yarn (though many are better at it than me), tatting, hand-dying stuff (lots of fun, by the way), making preserves.

Anyway, just a thought – and not even a very complete one (after all, I still have all those gifts to get finished!). So, how about you? How would you cope with a Christmas next year if you didn’t have the same technology and ability to go buy a giftcard for everyone?

Take care, thanks for reading, and have a great week.


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