What an evocative image this is, found by searching “apocalypse” under Google images.

One is left wondering, what happened here? How long ago? Are these rare survivors on the train when it was still capable of  moving, or are they simply travelers trying to survive as they make their way through a broken world? Where is this? Why are they hiding here? What terrors haunt this world and hunt these people? What holds them together? What threatens to tear them apart?

I imagine that the man most in the foreground, just beyond the light of the fire, has some kind of military experience, and he’s guarding the two huddled against the crumpled train. Perhaps it appears that he guards them from escape, or perhaps this is combined with an element of terror, as he must prevent them from escaping into the darkness for their own good: what’s out there is liable to tear them apart.

What do you think?


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