Dystopian World Without Modern Medicine: I won’t survive, will you?

I’m feeling sorry for myself and lousy with a cold which I’m convinced my husband infected me with. Which has me thinking about the apocalypse, or indeed, any time before we are so fortunate as we are today to have access to modern medicine. Without it, what we consider “harmless” diseases that can now be prevented or cured killed many. And quite frankly, I’m feeling like I wouldn’t be one of those strong enough to survive.

The world is a harsh and vicious place, sometimes. You can get plague from mice or even just their droppings – even in this modern society we live in. Imagine if you take away the possibility of heading out to the pharmacy when you have the sniffles? Making an appointment with the doctor – or even going to the hospital – when things take a turn for the worse? Heck, even consider childbirth, where women can and still do sometimes die in childbirth with the child, even despite the best efforts of medical personnel; imagine that picture without them?

How could we protect and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe? What small things that we ignore now could actually be the end of our families? Most germs and viruses are spread amongst people; so is it better to completely isolate yourselves? Problem with that is that there are definite benefits to not being alone in the world, especially one where survival is even harder. Do you stock up on medicines and teach yourself how to be your own pharmacist and doctor? Yeah, possibly, I suppose, but what is it you’re going to teach  yourself? Modern medicine? Herbalism? Botany? Basic first aid? What will be available for you to use, and what will be gone? And really, if it comes to full-out pandemic, even modern medicine suffers then and can’t save everyone: what chance do you stand?

Hmm … maybe I’ll just insist my best friend – who already has the training as a doctor – move in here, and start stocking up on growing what herbs I can; I’ll figure out how to use them later. Or heck, maybe the cold will wipe me out and that’ll be it. Like I say, feeling sorry myself. Maybe since I still can, I should just head to the pharmacy.

Have a great, germ-and-virus-free day, and thanks for reading.


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