Dystopian Childhood: A Parent’s Fear

I’ve been thinking about the apocalypse again – and not in a positive way. I think it was after watching the opening of the new dystopian TV show “Revolution” where two young children – probably 6 and 3 – are part of a family who knows about the coming apocalypse. That, and having just taken the kidlet to the doctor today, and continued to rites of a relatively-normal-childhood.

It terrifies me to think of the apocalypse as a parent.

What would I do to protect my child? If we both survive the apocalypse, how do I protect that child? How do I raise them? “Normal” will be completely out the window. What new threats will be a concern? What should they learn and when? What is too  much information and what is not-enough?

Then again, as I look at these questions, how is this much different than the questions you have to ask yourself as a parent anyway? How do you protect them – no matter what the world you live in? What is the best way you raise them? How you answer these questions will indeed determine your child’s future, but they’re also dependent on who you are as a person and as a parent, aren’t they?

Maybe part of the fear of the apocalypse comes of not being able to give my children the kind of life I had. No, a better life than I had – I want them to exceed, not live up to me. And really, the world we live in now is pretty simple, pretty good: of course we wouldn’t want them to have to survive greater hardship. As our ancestors did. As perhaps even our grandparents did.

Although they did survive, right? So doesn’t that mean our kids probably could, too?

What do you think?

Thanks for reading, and have a great week.


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