Paths of Publication: Which Road Do I Take?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my determination to be traditionally published. And about my dislike? prejudice? towards e-books. First, yes, I know the latter is unreasonable; e-books are here to stay, and they can actually be a great thing for writers. But my problem is that I’m not sure this is the right path for me.

I started writing a very long time ago (and I’m not actually that old if you’re wondering – I did just start young). My first novel was completed when I was in ninth (?) grade I believe, which would have made me 14 or 15 years old. It was around then – or possibly a bit later – that I decided I wanted my book published in traditional format, because then, that was the only possibility there really was.

Fast-forward to now, when e-books are definitely here to stay. I attended the RWA National Conference, and part of a keynote address talked about how while e-books and their prevalence is certainly shaking up the publishing world, it can be a really great thing for writers. No matter what way we want to get published, e-books are just another form of transmission of our story to our readers, which is what we all want anyway, right?

Then you have the choice between e-books with an e-publisher, or self-publishing. Either is now a very viable possibility. But my question remains: is it for me?

I guess my biggest hang-ups are two things.

First: I love the physicality of books, something that e-books and e-readers will never have. I like the words forever trapped on a paper page, the smell of the book, the look of them lined up on my shelves, the feel of them in my hands, of the fact that I can easily pass them on, share them, take them with me even into places like the bathtub and not fear (though I’m still very careful, yes – electronics and paper both don’t much care for water).

Second: I don’t want to put out crap. I guess I want someone else – like an editor – who has a more objective viewpoint to look at my writing and help me make it the best that I can. Because like it or not, if the book I put out as an e-book is crap, that’s what my reputation will be built on, and that seems rather foolish, doesn’t it?

Anyway, that’s just the sort of thing I’ve been considering. And, to share a bit of what I’ve been looking at, thought I’d include links to a few posts that were discussing this same kind of topic, and which I found exceptionally interesting.

This first one is from the Bookshelf Muse, a great blog I only recently discovered:  Sue Quinn: It’s a Great Day to be a Writer

The second is from the blog by Cristian Mihai: Are Self-Publishers Lazy?

Hope you find the articles as interesting as I did. Have a great day, happy writing, and thanks for reading.


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