Cougar Attack: Worst Fears Realized?

I think it’s probably quite human to be afraid of what goes bump in the night. And while some of us concern ourselves with fictional and imagined creatures, what about the real ones? Who hasn’t heard the sound of howling and shivered, just a little? That’s old instinct that says, “hey, that could eat you!”

Cougar, photo from Photobucket

No matter how much as humans we feel we become more civilized – and indeed, how much we continue to destroy the ecosystems around us and impose our own order on the world – we are reminded every once and a while that we don’t control everything, and we certainly don’t hold sway over nature yet. Look at the hurricane bearing down on New Orleans?

And check out this article that happened in a neighboring province: a woman was attacked by a cougar in her own home.

Courtesy Yahoo: “B.C. woman recounts ‘surreal’ cougar attack in her house”

I confess I did consider that this would be a terrific starting nugget for a story, but having it happen to you? I live “out in the woods” as some would put it, and we have both cougars and, apparently, bears likewise in the neighborhood. As long as we have neighbors relatively close by, other houses clearly within view (I like in a small acerage area), I think we tell ourselves that we’re safe, that it’s civilization of a sorts … but is it?

What if the power goes out? How little would it take to tip the balance in favor of the animals – never mind that especially when you’re looking at a cougar or bear, heavily muscled, with claws and sharp teeth, the balance may already be in their favor?

Anyway, it certainly caught my attention, and thought I’d share. Have a great week – hopefully cougar-free!


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