Branding, Author Identity: Everything says this blog is changing

Good morning! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the summer; I know in Canada they’re bliss while they’re here, but ever so short before the darkness of winter.

Anyway, after attending a recent writer’s conference, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about branding and author identity. Likewise, marketing of my post-apocalyptic romance hasn’t gone very well, and to be honest, it’s probably not my favorite sub-genre anyway. That said, I think that I’d still like this blog to exist, and I may indeed return someday to the apocalypse and all the “happy” things about it, but otherwise, I will be changing what will be posted here. I think I’ll also be re-working the look of the page, so don’t worry, you haven’t actually landed somewhere else, I’m just playing. 😉

Hmm, that may be actually a bit of the new theme: Writer’s Brain at Play

Essentially: not always about the apocalypse, but a bit more just about what I’m thinking about, considering, etc. While the apocalypse is still something of a fascination and will likely show up from time to time, you might also expect to see things about society in general, writing, research, that sort of thing.

Hope you’ll stick with me through the transition – I promise (okay, almost certainly) that I won’t change to suddenly writing about, say, dinosaurs riding monkeys – although, those are the strange kind of ideas that sometimes occur, so one never can be sure. I’m even considering posting or writing some quick writing sprints and shorts on here, since sometimes what occurs to me doesn’t necessarily fit nicely into the author brand I’m otherwise trying to create.

If you’re interested in posts about writing, the journey to publication, the Regency period and the paranormal, find me at

Otherwise, guess we’ll see where this takes us, shall we?

Thanks for reading, have a great week, and happy writing!


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