Why is the End of the World So Darned Mundane?

I write both Regency paranormal, and post-apocalyptic romances. And I think, to me, what really separates them is the time period, certainly, but also that in one set of writing, magical creatures abound, whereas in the other, magic has to be completely man-made.

So who says the apocalypse has to be so magic-free? Is that possibly what contributes to giving it such a gray-hue, or is it that the basic fight for survival negates the possibility of the freedom of imagination and the search for magic?

Certainly, just because my post-apocalyptic vision hasn’t included paranormal or magical entities or events doesn’t mean other authors haven’t considered – and successfully employed – the possibility. What if the end of the world was brought about by magical beings? Or what if the reduced population made it too difficult for magical creatures to successfully blend and hide? Or what if the apocalypse made us all somehow magic?

Or what if the apocalypse suddenly made us – humanity – realize our own innate magic?

The thing is, I think magic is about more than just vampires, casting spells, or fairies flitting through the flowers. I think magic has to do with when something defies explanation, goes beyond mere defying of the odds. And I think that it’s possible we all possess a bit of magic, or perhaps something even more amazing.

Think about when you hear stories of people performing incredible feats – like people lifting cars to save loved ones, or performing acts of incredible self-sacrifice, like a husband about to experience an unavoidable collision making the decision to veer the car so he takes more of the brunt, saving his wife and unborn child. There is something incredibly magical when you hear about these events, that sure, science can try and explain, but they certainly aren’t easy to replicate.  What is sent into the world by those actions? What is activated within those people?

Doesn’t it make them far more magical than some pale-faced vampire? Wouldn’t it be incredible if we really were all capable of these things, if the innate “magic” within humanity awoke in a post-apocalyptic world, and far from our species being doomed, we in fact took a giant evolutionary and societal leap forward?

Just musing. What do you think?

Thanks for reading, and have a great week.


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