Hopelessly Angry and Entitled

It’s been one of those weeks where anger has simmered in my veins and erupts at the slightest provocation. Not sure why exactly – though I blame the heat and humidity. The heat I can live with. Hate humidity. It’s a joke here in Alberta that we have a “dry heat” – and we’re supposed to, so what’s with the humidex rating?

Anyway, it got me thinking about anger, and how it can be both a useless and useful emotion. In the short-term, anger can help motivate us, can make us more creative (if only to find sources of vengeance). However, in the long-term, it often fizzles out, and there’s always the risk that in the heat of anger we’ll do or say something that we’ll regret later.

If the end of the world arises, I think there could be a lot of angry people around. If you think about it, there already are a lot of angry people – those who feel they’re somehow more special or important than others, who feel the world “owes” them something, who are generally inconsiderate of others because really, others don’t matter as much to them as themselves. Imagine what those people will be like if the world ends? Even if they were somehow responsible, do you suppose they’d accept any kind of responsibility? How many would either a) hunt down whoever is to blame and/or b) would concoct a scapegoat?

Their anger could be useful in that possibly, anger at injustice could provide the energy and motivation to keep fighting, to survive. But this is either going to burn itself out … or all the angry people get in a big brawl and the anger is destroyed in a different way.

Of course, I suppose we could consider that the destruction of the world could be brought about by anger and entitlement: we’re bigger and stronger than you, we DESERVE to have more power and more of a place in the world … therefore it’s perfectly acceptable to try and bomb your city/country/culture back to the Stone Age.

Anyway, just thinking. What do you think are the useful advantages to anger? What do you think?

Thanks for reading, and have a great week.


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