Practice for the Apocalypse?

Okay, you may have seen this on Yahoo, or not. But it seemed to deserve some comment.

First, go see the video, listed as “Zombie Apocalypse at Abandoned UK Mall”

If you’re unable to view the video (or disinclined to), here’s the gist: someone has got the idea that for $200 you can pretend to be in your very own zombie apocalypse in this abandoned mall, and “shoot” (small pellet guns) at the zombies (students, mostly).

Now, so far as entertainment value goes, I already had to send a link to my husband because I thought he’d probably get a kick out of it; he loves zombies and all of that sort of thing. But then the newscaster (because the link will show you an American news story) suggests that this could be a way to practice for the apocalypse. Now think about that for a minute: practice for the apocalypse.

First, of course, one would wonder how you know that the apocalypse would turn out to be full of zombies, or that they would be nice enough to tell you “game over” when you were captured. But is this really practice? Should we practice for an apocalypse, come what may? There are some who certainly believe this, like survivalists, as some call themselves. And being prepared is rarely a bad thing. But can we really practice for any kind of apocalypse?

I know, I’m kind of sticking on that particular word usage and turn of phrase, but that’s what kind of stuck with me: practicing for the apocalypse. I suppose I could be gardening to practice for when I have to produce food for my family, but when so much of the world could conceivably be so completely out of our realm of understanding, so completely different than we ever could have anticipated, what, exactly, would we be practicing for? What could we practice for? Weapons and especially firearms have never been a part of my life, so I find it difficult to think that learning to shoot a gun and acquiring one to bring into the house with my very young child is a good idea … though am I wrong-headed about this?

Well, guess you wouldn’t be able to tell me “I told you so” post-apocalypse if it turns out I should have started my own mini-militia in the basement since let’s face it, any kind of communication beyond face-to-face is likely to be difficult. Then again, is that the apocalypse your practicing for, or something different?

Just a thought. What do you think?

Thanks for reading, and have a great week – practicing for the apocalypse or not, entirely up to you. 🙂


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