A Sudden Boom: Could the end arrive quietly?

I’ll begin by reminding you that I’m not prone to hysteria or general panic for no particular reason. At least, not for the most part. I do not, however, care for strange, inexplicable happenings.

Last Sunday, May 27, around 8:30pm,  there was a massive “boom” that sounded like something had crashed upstairs or on our roof. After running upstairs and assuring ourselves that our child hadn’t leaped from the crib, or the cat knocked something over, my husband went searching outside to see what he could see. The neighbor was out too, saying she thought she’d heard something hit HER roof. Even my parents, the equivalent of at least a block, maybe two blocks away, likewise heard the same sound, thought it was their roof. No evidence of anything.

There was no damage (so far as we know – we can’t actually see our entire roof). I also know what a shotgun sounds like, and have even heard the sound of a tree falling and narrowly missing the house. This was nothing like that. My husband concluded it had been a sonic boom from something flying overhead.Thus “solved,” we continued our evening before heading to bed.

And yet, as I lay there, sleep alluding me, I couldn’t help but wonder: what if it was something bigger? What if this was a the beginning of the end or something equally dire, and we didn’t even know enough to be afraid of it?

Of course, I could assure myself that the power continued to operate, the furnace, the satellite, the telephones, etc. Surely this meant nothing had actually happened.

And yet, what if remained …

What if the end snuck up on us and we didn’t realize it had really arrived for awhile? Wouldn’t that put some people (perhaps the more paranoid who are in a constant state of “readiness” – or extreme paranoia) – wouldn’t that actually something ahead of us in the race for survival? How much of a race would it be, if nothing evidently cataclysmic had occurred?

My conclusion? I think all the talk about 2012 has me jumping, even though I know better, and even though I don’t actually believe in it. Darn that overactive imagination.

So what about you – what do you think the sound was? Have you experienced something similar – either the sound or the paranoia?

Anyway, thanks for reading, and have a great inexplicable-boom-free week.


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