Enjoying the Quiet Pre-Apocalypse

I have recently had the pleasure of rediscovering something I had loved very much before, but had kind of lost: spinning. After learning how to spin, I spent years searching for a wheel I could afford. Then I finally found one, bought it … and found I couldn’t do anything useful with it (other than raise my blood-pressure and frustration levels most reliably). Finally, though, I was able to rediscover the joy of spinning, and the zen-like qualities it possesses.

What, you wonder, does this possibly have to do with the apocalypse? Well,  it is a very old-fashioned skill and tool, most certainly. And so long as I have a supply of fiber, I should be able to spin and then fashion garments for my family come the apocalypse or not. But really, I think it has to do with the fact that spinning and the rhythm of the wheel is so opposite the regular hustle and bustle of everyday life. You feel a connection to the generations of others who have spun their own fiber for as long as man has worn anything other than rough furs and leather. The actions of spinning are peaceful, soothing, and can continue on no matter if the power goes out, there’s a fuel crisis, or aliens take over our energy supplies. The spinning wheel just doesn’t care.

I have also been wondering how I can possibly incorporate spinning into my writing, but find my characters are often pre-occupied with mere survival and they certainly couldn’t lug a spinning wheel around with them – trust me, I had to ram mine into the back of my Tucson, and that wasn’t very fun, so I highly doubt you’d want to strap it to your back  (yes, I know there are portable versions, and likewise hand-spinners, but mine is not portable at all). Nor do I think that spinning supercedes more immediate concerns like securing safety, food, shelter, hygiene, etc. And yet, doesn’t it deserve to fit in there somehow, in someway?

Well, at the very least, perhaps my growing skill with spinning will help to make me useful in re-creating a new society and making sure we don’t freeze in the winter … now I just have to get a hold of an alpaca for myself and figure out the whole shearing thing … 🙂

Thanks for reading. Have a great week.


One thought on “Enjoying the Quiet Pre-Apocalypse

  1. ah yes an old skill – maybe a portable one would be of more use although you could raid the deserted shops for a while:) I incporporate spinning into more stable settlements of survivors but you maust be able to weave or knit as weel – I beleive before shearing- tufts left on thorn bushes was a way of gathering fleece hundreds of years ago- 🙂 nah would take too long and prob. todays sheep are bred all wrong for that kind of fleece – watched sheep being hand sheered with something resembling a large pair of scissors!! – looked pretty backbreaking to me – I’d start hoading clothes and blankets if I were you – just a thought

    enjoy the spinning – I found my co-ordination was such I taught myself some new swear words:)

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