Is Every Year An Apocalyptic One?

I’ve still been feeling maudlin about this new year, feeling sorry for myself and considering how “hard” 2011 was. Which led me to journaling, and while I was doing so (yep, old school pen and paper), I looked back at some of the former entries … and discovered I felt almost the same in 2007, 2008, etc, etc.

Now, this could lead to questions of my own perspective on life (which is a whole other issue), but is also led me to consider: so if last year was so hard, what year was easy? What year

Angel of the Apocalypse by Caroline Miller, source:

can I definitively look back on and say, “gee, that was a great year, everything came so easily for my family and I”?

What about you? Can you look back and automatically say that this year is better / worse than another year because of something specific? For most of us, I’m guessing the answer will be no unless we’ve experienced catastrophic change / tragedy / hardship. But most of the time, life goes on and is full of many, many small apocalypses, or the coming to an end of some things, the beginnings of others.

Yes, last year was difficult for me learning to still be me while being a primary caregiver for a tiny baby (who’s not so tiny now, leading to all sorts of new changes). But 2008 my husband and I built our own house ourselves (yes, hammer in hand, literally building it), and in the process fell off said house and ended up in the emergency room, matching broken elbows and bruises. Building the house was a challenge enough, never mind the fall, the new experience of moving out of the city to the country, all of those changes.

Each of us can look back over even a single year and see changes and these mini-apocalypses – and the bigger kind – in so many events that make up our lives. Because that’s what life is about, right? Constant change and flux? Big milestones (marriage, births, deaths, tragedies, accidents, etc), these form the bigger apocalypses we all experience and which cause us to not only discover how to regain / recreate an equilibrium, but also to survive, to rebuild.

But it’s the smaller apocalypses we sometimes don’t appreciate enough, things like personal shifts in philosophy, way of life, new directions, etc, which in their own way can make every year a bit apocalyptic. After all, unless you’re living in a catatonic state, your life is still going to involve change and action, all of which will have a reaction – from the world, and from you.

So, as you wonder if THE apocalypse is coming in 2012, consider that perhaps, it came last year … and the year before … and the year before that, and you survived all of that, so what’s the big deal, right?

Thanks for reading, and have a great week.


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