Parasitic Bee-Zombies? And Good News Otherwise

Okay, I was actually looking for happy news, and came across this article instead:

Fly Parasite Turns Honeybees Into Zombies By Joseph Castro

Actually, if you’ve gone and clicked to read it, you’ll see it’s not nearly as amusing as I’d imagined (yes, fine, I have a warped sense of humor). I love gardening, and bees are extremely important to our environment and the ecosystem, so I don’t want them to have another reason they’re in trouble. Note to self: plant for Beebalm and Comfrey which attract the bees and give them something tasty, too.

The idea, though, of the article did catch my attention, because of course all I could imagine were little zombie-bees flying around, and how this could be the nugget for the start of a zombie apocalypse (again, despite despising zombies, I am rather obsessed with them, aren’t I?). Okay, back to the search for good news …

Hey! I actually found some! Yahoo has replaced their “Odd News” section with a “Good News” section, which I am very happy to see.Things look like they don’t update all that often, so I’ll try and find other stuff, too.

Here’s the link: Yahoo Good News


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