Love and Sex, Apocalypse Style

Well, just the title brings up some rather unpleasant or possibly animalistic connotations, some of which could well be correct. But, you have to admit sex, dating, and the terms of relationships will be somewhat different in a post-apocalyptic world. Oh, maybe they start out the same – especially if there are surviving couples – but if you think changes like a new job or having a baby is a stressor on even strong relationships, try the end of the world. However, because the population will likely have suffered some loss (perhaps catastrophic loss) in the early years following the end of the world, reproduction is going to be pretty important, and that’s pretty difficult without couples.

Okay, first though, let’s start with what couples that do survive, who will theoretically leave some kind of children. The further you get away from a non-apocalyptic world, the more things are going to change. Folks you find each love on internet sites? All the power to you in our current times, but even the others trying to pick up a mate in the club are going to have troubles, since internet, clubs, a lot of the ways we often connect in these modern times will have gone the way of gasoline.


This leads back to more traditional means, like meeting through friends, family, community events. Political alliances – and marriages that start out more like transactions, including things like dowries or bride prices – will also likely become popular (especially dependent on the kind of economy and society established). As population increases become more important – you need lots of people to work the fields and create stable food sources, even if you’re just searching for scraps in the remains of civilization – a higher emphasis will be placed on pairing people up.

Then you create more issues if for some reason there’s an uneven ratio of males to females. This could lead to all sorts of things like polygamy or polyandry, but it could also lead to greater controls on reproduction, and lead down all sorts of undesirable roads like creating ‘perfect’ societies, weeding out ‘undesirables,’ and other such nonsense. Gender roles will likely be redefined, since men historically are physically stronger, though if they resort to greater physical labor roles they’ll likely start dying much younger than women again.

On the other hand, just like learning or doing something on a date where a common goal is shared can help modern couples fall in love, maybe fighting side by side to live until tomorrow will help spawn post-apocalyptic relationships. Because the thing is, people still fall in love, no matter how terrible the situation. Yes, sometimes things are easier than at other times, but people have continued to fall in love, or at the very least, to continue to reproduce (I know, two very different things). Therefore, there’s not too much reason to suggest that wouldn’t continue in the future, is there? Da-da-duh (cue ominous music.)

What do you think? Thanks for reading, and have a great week.


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