Zombie Apocalypse – are they already here?

Happy Halloween! In honor of the holiday, I figure it’s only fair to give zombies their opportunity to take over the world this week, at least in this blog. And I wanted to include ten ways they’ve already taken over the world, even if we haven’t yet called it an apocalypse.

Rocky Mountain Soap - Zombie soap

  1. Invasion of classic books, aka smash-up literature. I think the ideas cute, but what must Jane Austen think? Goodness!
  2. Zombie movies everywhere. My DH loves zombie movies, and is able to find one or two on every weekend to watch, sadly. They’re coming, they’re cooommmiiinnnnggg!
  3. Zombie survival guides. Yes, I admit I did one too, see? They’re everywhere! Check out the bookstore or search online if you don’t believe me.
  4. Zombie products. Even my favorite soap company got into it – and it’s selling as fast as super-zombies can run after you to attack!
  5. Yet another Resident Evil Movie is being made. It is a zombie. It just won’t die.
  6. Proliferation of smart phones. The phones may be smart, but a lot of their owners are the living dead – except zombies usually pay more attention to what’s going on around them, don’t they?
  7. References in pop culture. While they were once more less popular cousins of werewolves and vampires, suddenly they’re everywhere, the uncool, brain-eaters suddenly made cool.
  8. They’re all over the Internet. You search “zombie” on Google, and get approximately 520,000,000 results, compared to something like “apocalypse”, with 87,700,000, or “good news” 152,000,000.
  9. Formal academic research. You know they’re big when someone has to decide why they’re popular, or why they exist. Check out the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy for their theories on zombies.
  10. Finally, even mathematicians are thinking about zombies — and preparing! This is the strange infectious disease modeling that somehow turned into When Zombies Attack! Has to be seen to be believed (actually, still don’t quite believe it, but there it is.)

Okay, I admit it, finding anything after five points was starting to stretch it, but hope you enjoyed the links. If nothing else, doing a quick Google search for “zombies” is a bit mind-boggling.  So, what reasons have I missed?

Have a happy Halloween, and take care out there! Thanks for reading.


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