Apocalypse Survival 101: Know Your Apocalypse (Part 2 of 2)

And we’re back with the rest of the potential kinds of apocalypse. Since if we know what’s coming, perhaps we’ll have some idea how to survive, right?

  1. Technology run amok. Again, this could take many forms, from genetically engineered diseases; crops, food sources, and people likewise vulnerable because of technological interference; or psycho robots out to erase mankind from the earth. If you survive whatever happened, it will also likewise have had a serious affect on our planet and the possibilities of survival, so I guess be prepared for anything.
  2. Earth’s natural cleansing cycles.Periodically throughout history, the earth has underwent cycles of self-cleansing, if you will, which basically amounted to catastrophic death for whatever populations were trying to survive on the surface. If this happens, preparedness, knowledge, a method to travel quickly, and general flexibility will be the keys to survival. Stay somewhere too long, and you might not live to regret it.

    Harpers 8 11 1877 Destruction of the Union Depot, from acobox.com

  3. Cumulative Ecological Disaster. Eventually our pollution and irresponsible action will result in very tangible consequences. Whether this means rising sea levels, UV levels too dangerous to venture out into the sun, unbreathable air, all of the above or something much worse, survival is going to mean preparedness and knowledge. First, you’d have to know what was coming to pick your survival zone very carefully, and know what you needed for the zone as it currently is, and how it will be. Again, cooperation will be necessary because most won’t outlive their own ignorance.
  4. The big “oops”. And the international idiot award goes to whoever was in charge and made the decision that cost us all our lives. I’m talking mistaken nuclear alarms, creation and selling of horrific weapons, decision to act or not act. Whatever the case, here a few people make the difference, and not in a good way. If you’re lucky, you survive (and they don’t). After that, it’s learn and create a new civilization all over again; piece of cake, right?
  5. Combo Platter. Here’s where you pick from a few of the items above – war, famine, and disease have always been a popular combo, but there could always be other options – and this is what wipes most folks out. The apocalyptic world will thus depend on what combo platter did us all in, so pick and choose wisely here, or possibly start planning for any and all possibilities.

Now, I’ve put these in the order that I think may be the most likely – and yeah, the combo platter is both a bit of a cop-out as well as potentially the most likely (after all, we’ve survived for awhile now, so it may take more than just one thing to wipe us all out – or so I hope). What about you? What do you think is the most likely cause of the apocalypse or what kind of apocalypse we’ll have? Have I missed one or more of the survivable kind?

Thanks for reading – see you next week.


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