Surviving in a Post-Apocalyptic World

It’s spring / summer, so I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors, and catching up on all the weeding I didn’t get to last summer (I could use the excuse I was pregnant, but it is simply an excuse). Anyway, while I look through the garden discovering what has survived and what died, I know I can always go to the store to get more to replace dead ones, or buy fertilizer, or the food my family needs to survive.

But how would I survive if this wasn’t an option? While I try to make my garden both beautiful and useful (with a combination of flowers and edible things), it isn’t something my survival success depends upon. Likewise my knowledge and ability to sew, spin, crochet, cook on a woodstove, etc. In this modern, privileged time we live in, these are hobbies, mere interests.

What if they weren’t?

What if my family depended on our garden for produce and sustenance? My spinning and sewing clothed us, kept us warm during the long winters? How would we approach these different activities? Well, if we wanted to survive, I imagine we’d approach them with a great deal more enthusiasm and time-commitment than we do now. Of course, we wouldn’t have the kind of jobs many of us have now, since those would have become obsolete.

So, what do you do, what do you know that could help you survive a post-apocalyptic world? Could what you do in a day-to-day capacity have relevance even after the world as we know it is gone? Perhaps survival would depend on adaptation. For example, my “hobbies” could suddenly become crucial to filling certain needs of my family. Even someone in construction, say, could have other more adaptable skills. Perhaps this experience has given them experience building and doing things by hand, leading and instructing others, etc. Certain industries, like medicine for instance, would continue to be crucial no matter our world, but they too would have to adapt – no big hospitals and support staff at your hand, as well as a probable lack of medicines, medical tools, and other technology we take for advantage now.

Are you reading this and thinking already, sure, you could be a post-apocalyptic survivor? I hope you can be to – what skills are you prepared to bring to the post-apocalyptic table, so to speak? Perhaps you’re thinking your chances aren’t looking good – don’t you think you can change that?

Nope, I’m not talking about creating your own stockpile and taking survivalist classes (although some people will certainly go that route). What I am saying is: how can you meet your own day-to-day needs in a more self-sustaining way? Could you? Perhaps you’re not prepared to enact these plans just yet (trust me, I’m a long way from taking care of most of my family’s needs like meat production or hand-making toilet paper) but, do you have a plan? What skills do you have that could be adaptable to another world? Are you good at organizing people? Maybe you’ll be able to help search for supplies, create community, or start to find people to fulfill necessary roles of a new society. Are you good with your hands? Maybe you can start to rebuild, teach others your skills to help a community effort of survival, or possibly just keep your family alive through the year.

If you want to survive the apocalypse – and what will come after – is it time to start thinking about your post-apocalyptic resume? Instead of computer skills (typing, familiarity with certain programs, etc) can you build a computer? Could you discover an alternative way to power and use it?

Anyway, all this, and I’m mostly just avoiding getting out in the yard and finishing the weeding. Guess I better get to it, or my family and I are doomed. Oh, wait, we don’t yet live in a post-apocalyptic world, so I guess I’ll be okay for now. J

What about you? How do you think some of your skills and interests could transfer over to a post-apocalyptic world? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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