I didn’t consider the robots: 10 reasons to watch out for technology destroying the world – REALLY!(pt II)

So, last week I provided my top ten reasons for why technology will be the end of us (literally). This week, I provide “evidence” – or rather, some interesting links to get you thinking I’m right. Think what you will right now – you’ll see that your laptop really has been eyeing you malevolently. J

So, here’s the top ten reasons technology could cause the apocalypse again, this time with links you might find interesting that could prove me right:

1. Advances in medicine

 Armageddon Medicine– a page dedicated to helping you be your own doctor after the end of the world; on the sidebar, look under “Armageddon” for articles and links related to preparing yourself for the end of the world. No hints on how the internet and this website will be available after the end of the world, so I suppose you have to get studying and preparing now.

Superbugs in Canada  – a reminder of how easily disease and other infection can travel in our global society.

2. Disease and incurable infection, aka zombies (see, told you they fit in here). [Note: I had no idea “zombie preparedness” was it’s own searchable term!]

Zombie Preparedness Blog  – actually a cute blog helping prepare you for surviving zombies or other end-of-the-world scenarios by reminding you how to do things for yourself and be self-sufficient.

Article since May is Zombie Preparedness month (who knew? Does that mean the end of the world should be in May if caused by zombies?) – an article about different varieties of zombies and how to stay safe.

Limits on Access to Germ Research?  – an older article, this one looks at possibly limiting access to germ research for fear of germ warfare – something that’s worked horrifically well in the past (think smallpox blankets) which may be difficult since many instructions and formulas for germ engineering are already available on our friendly internet.

3. Computers becoming smarter than us

ABC: Last Days, Intelligent Machines – a short excerpt from ABC’s Last Days on Earth, theorizing how and why computers and machines will eventually be smarter than us (and then take over).

4. Computers acquiring a touch of humanity

Are computers becoming more human, or are humans becoming more like computers?  – an interesting discussion by general users or visitors to the website.

Watson – Two links here. One to the Wikipedia definition of Watson, and the other to IBM’s own explanation. Perhaps the computer to end the world has already been invented.

“Human Computer Interaction in the Year 2020” – a fairly in-depth theoretical analysis of how our interaction with computers could change. Granted, they don’t seem to think computers will take over the world, but it depends how you read the article, I suppose.

5. Reverse genetic engineering, aka dinosaurs (and you didn’t think I could relate all three).

Reverse Genetic Engineering in Utah  – the more serious of the links, this explains how they recreated a gene in a mouse. Next step dinosaurs?

“Dinochicken”  – yes, scientists really are trying to make dinosaurs. See? They’ll be marauding through the streets in no time.

6. Alien robots or equivalent technology

Could Alien Robots Exist?   – oh good, they exist too. This could also fit under the “computers becoming smarter than us” section, since the article suggests the possibility there could be “postbiological universes” out there already, or could start here in a few hundred years or so.

“Astronomers may start looking for Transformers-style alien robots” – the article suggests it could be easier to look for civilizations more advanced than our own, since they could have greater capability of sending or receiving messages – like alien robots.

7. Space exploration and aliens [I limited the websites since quite frankly, I didn’t want to see too  many alien-dedicated websites and suspected I’d find too many; search as you may.]

“British Scientist Explains Alien Life, Space Exploration, And Time Travel In New “Discovery” Series”  – see? Someone else thinks we shouldn’t bring that particular “puppy” who followed us home inside for milk and cookies.

8. Advanced weapons technology

Video about Nuclear Armageddon  – a clip from ABC’s longer Last Days on Earth, this clip specifically examines the threat of nuclear Armageddon.

9. All in the name of science

Black Hole News  – a website with (as the name suggests) black hole news. Fortunately, most of these black holes aren’t too close, and most of the research appears theoretical.

Sonic Black Hole Traps Sound Waves  – fortunately this one won’t (and hasn’t) destroyed the planet, but they have been playing with them; who knows what could happen next.

10. Accident / human error

Nuclear Armageddon   – a reminder of how close we could have come following the disaster in Japan.

Preventing an Accidental Armageddon  – an older article looking at the possibility of an accidental nuclear Armageddon; I hope they’ve done some work towards prevention since this article was written!

So, there you  have it: why technology really is out to get us. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the links. Please suggest some of your own – along with comments, etc – below. Until next week.


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