Be Afraid: 12 Ways the World Could End

I started this entry since I thought, as I was looking at reasons why the apocalypse isn’t nigh in the last entry, it was only fair I examine the other side. So, I started doing further searches on the apocalypse / end of the world / doomsday.

In case you haven’t noticed, the internet is a VERY scary place and can suggest all sorts of things I didn’t even know I was supposed to be scared of.

However, my intent here is not to frighten you (just do some unusual searches of the internet and you’re more than capable of scaring yourself, trust me). Instead, I’m merely listing some of the theories why we may face the end of the world. While I’ll try to investigate or touch on some of them in future entries, in this one I’m essentially providing a fairly brief list of some I’ve found. Please, do beware that I’ve added a very brief explanation, I’m not a scientist, and these are my interpretations.

  1. Environmental Disaster – Essentially, Man brings about his own destruction because of our reckless abuse of the environment. This is potentially a slower end-of-the-world scenario starting with smaller shifts in the seas and atmosphere which can result in changes in weather patterns, sea levels, etc which then impact (and potentially wipe out) human populations.
  2. Disease – this one’s for the zombie lovers out there, where usually the cause of the end of the world is through some kind of disease, infection, or human engineering which turns humans into zombies out to get the remainder of the humans.
  3. War – Man brings about the end by bringing about doomsday, usually through some kind of massive weapon.
  4. Technology – see? I told you the internet was scary. Technology takes over and wipes out mankind, either in a misguided attempt to “save” us (think i-Robot) or just to take over and wipe the scum that is us (apparently) like the machines in Terminator.
  5. Falling asteroids – like the dinosaurs, a massive asteroid or meteorite will fall to the earth and wipe us all out.
  6. Aliens or other takeovers – another civilization or species comes and takes us over or destroys us all à la War of the Worlds.
  7. The Mayan calendar ends in December 2012 – last week some of my links specifically addressed this theory, which is that the ancient Mayan calendar – after faithfully and accurately keeping time for centuries – ends in 2012.
  8. Shifts in the planet’s plates and poles, resulting in breakaway continents – essentially, as everything on the planet shifts beneath the surface – from tectonic plates and the earth’s core –  everything on the surface of the earth (like us) is in big trouble.
  9. Galactic alignments signal the end – this is a bit more of an astrological belief that when the planets align, instead of things going your way, it spells doomsday for mankind and potentially earth itself.
  10. Credit:

    Planet X is out to get us – This was one I only just discovered and didn’t even know to be afraid of. Essentially the idea here is that there’s a planet out there on a direct collision course with us, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  11. Solar Storms – The sun will not only cause us sunburn, but burn the planet and essentially every living thing on it up, too. Or, these storms can cause shifts in the poles and otherwise interfere with global communication (like satellites) and radios or even cause things like massive storms like hurricanes.
  12. Recorded predictions for the end of the time – I put this all in one category since it’s otherwise huge, including figures like Nostradamus, the Mayans and the Dresden Codex, along with Biblical and other religious predictions.

So, have I missed any? I apologize for potentially using a bit more levity than potentially appropriate, but really, we’re talking about the end of the world here, right? Besides that, I do not intend to take too dark a tone in this blog since I have more hope for us and our survival.

Anyway, have I missed some theories? Have I badly misinterpreted them? Please, let me know and share in the comments below.


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