Scared or not?: Evidence the Apocalypse is Probably Not Nigh

Looking for ideas to write a new post today, I did some searches for apocalypse, and found some interesting articles I thought I’d share with you (along with my thoughts, of course). I suppose, since spring is so slow in coming, I was looking for good news and suggestions the apocalypse is not, indeed, nigh. It’s also time for another election, which always makes me think the apocalypse has to be nigh. To be fair, I’ll have to have a future entry on why it might be, but let’s stay positive today, shall we?

During my search, here’s what I found interesting:

Apocalypse 2012 – this website looks at the predictions of the world ending – based largely on the Mayan calender – and explains why this is unlikely to actually happen. So, if you were planning to sell everything this fall and go on a all-for-nothing kind of bender before the world ends, you might want to read this first.

It’s Always the End of the World as We Know It – a retrospective look at the predicted Y2K crisis – another apocalyptic prophecy that didn’t come true, and in our lifetime, and what this says about us and our seeming need to plan out the end of the world.

A Brief History of the Apocalypse -a very interesting and detailed timeline of apocalyptic predictions from the past and for the future – many of which have passed without the world ending.

National Geographic: 2012: Six End-of-the-World Myths Debunked – a very brief look at 6 of the more popular suggestions why the world might end and why, scientifically, this is unlikely.

Personal Blog: Happy Apocalypse: A World Without Agendas – a personal blog and thoughts from someone else who thought the world was going to end, and her reaction to it.

So basically, why should you care? Well, like I say, this blog is a few suggestions why the apocalypse might not be nigh (which is good news, right?). But also, I find it interesting that we as a species seem to have a fascination with the end of the world. For so many civilizations throughout history, it seems the first thing to figure out is: why are we here? That is, how was our world formed, who did it, what does this mean about the world we live in. Next thing, so how’s the world going to end? One has to wonder did the dinosaurs wonder this sort of thing, since after all they were around a lot longer than us. Was there a dinosaur Nostradamus?

I’m not being as facetious as it likely seems. While we certainly regard dinosaurs as animals, therefore incapable of higher thought, etc, whose to say that when we’re all gone some greatly advanced species will not think the same of us? And regardless, the point is that in the history of the earth, humans are a pretty brief blink so far, and there have been throughout the earth’s history cyclic cataclysms (such as what may have wiped out the dinosaurs, asteroid or not). We could fall victim to the same fate (although discussion of why we should be worried about the apocalypse and those cyclic cataclysms will wait until further posts).

Back to topic: humans have been worried and planning for the apocalypse for almost as long as we’ve been around (or possibly as long as we’ve been around, but without written language we merely lack proof of apocalyptic forecasts). And, despite all these predictions, we’re still here. The world has been “ending” for as long as we’ve been around. Everyone thinks it will be tomorrow, or yesterday, three years or a hundred years from now, but in essence, few of these predictions seem to hold any more weight – nor be any more likely to come true – than others.

So, what do you think? Are we simply being paranoid planning for the end of the world, or is it coming and we just haven’t figured it out yet?


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